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School for Troubled Teens - Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Specialized Schools for Troubled Teens - Overview

Nowadays, parents who experience problems with their teens such as refusal to attend school, behavior problems, use of alcohol, marijuana, or other substances, have the choice of enrolling their teens at specialized schools. These specialized schools have come to be known as "Schools for Troubled Teens" or Therapeutic Boarding Schools". These Therapeutic Boarding Schools or Schools for Troubled Teens, provide the the most needed attention and therapeautical services to support the needs of a teen who are abusing drugs and alcohol and/or are demonstrating other self destructive behaviors. Schools for Troubled Teens not only provide counseling and education but also the most needed structured daily living.

Benefits of Specialized Schools for Troubled Teens << back to top
By attending a specialized School for Trouble Teens your adolescent will have the opportunity to keep their high school credits, get addiction treatment*, work on coping skills, accountability, respect, morals and ethics, stress management, anger management, solution oriented thinking and planning, and take part on various therapeutic and recreational modalities. Most Specialized School for Troubled Teens also creates an individual treatment plan to address the teen/child specific needs and work the problem out during individual and/or group therapies.

*Not all Therapeutic Boarding Schools or Schools for Troubled Teens Provide Addiction Treatment. Please check with the facility you have in mind during your research.

Enrollment to a School for Troubled Teens << back to top
Duration of enrollment varies from each teen and are based on the problems the teens are experiencing. Usually specialized Schools for Troubled Teens have a 30 to 40 day minimum attendance requirement.

You may also consider summer and spring break enrollment to keep your teenagers busy and out of trouble. You should however, not postpone any enrollment necessary prior to summer/spring break if your teen is in trouble and abusing drugs and alcohol at the present time. Summer and spring break enrollments to a School for Troubled Teens should be considered as an option for keeping your teen out of trouble, as most parents work and are not at home to supervise the teen who are demonstrating behavior problems.

Where Do You Go from Here?
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Teen Drug Rehab Centers can guide you in the right direction in choosing a teen treatment center that will provide education addiction treatment and therapies specifically related to your child’s needs. If your doctor has recommended that your teen stay in an inpatient/residential addiction treatment program, we can help you get admitted. Give us a call at 1-888-610-2046 and we will help identify the most suitable specialized School for Troubled for your child.
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School for Troubled Teens
Benefits of Specialized Schools for Troubled Teens
Enrollment to a School for Troubled Teens
Where Do You Go From Here?
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